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UBFHAI Stickers Now Available.

 We are pleased to inform you that stickers for both residents and non-residents are now available at the UBFHAI Clubhouse.

 Some of our members initially thought that there would be no need for stickers as the gates have been opened by the two city mayors. Many more of our homeowners, however, aware of the effect of the opening of the gates on the existence of UBFHAI, have inquired and insisted that we continue with the issuance of UBFHAI stickers.

 This proves all the more that the majority of our homeowners and residents SUPPORT THE FEDERATION. It also represents a collective vote against the forced opening of the gates.

 In view of this, therefore, please forward to UBFHAI the authorized signatures of your association pertinent to the issuance of stickers to your respective homeowners. Also, those of you who wish to arrange for on-site processing of stickers for your residents, please call the UBFHAI Clubhouse at telephone numbers:
                                         807-3115, 807-5270, or 807-5084
and ask for either  Rina or Weng. This is a good chance for all our members and homeowners to show their solidarity with our cause. Please be with us and your association.

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