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Corporate Structure

United BF Homeowners Associations, Inc. was officially registered as a non-profit non-stock corporation with the Home Insurance Guaranty Corporation on May 18, 1989. It is now under the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), which has also jurisdiction over developers of private subdivisions and condominium corporations.

The association is governed by a Board of fifteen (15) Directors. The subdivision is divided into fifteen sectors, each of which elects their own sectoral chairman every year. The elected chairmen automatically become the director of UBFHAI. In another unique way of election, the officers of the association are elected at large by the general membership (ordinary corporations elect directors at large and the directors elect the officers among themselves) through voting delegates apportioned according to population of the local associations.

The concept of having directors elected by sector is to ensure that all areas in the sprawling 765 ha. Subdivision is represented in the board. The system is sanctioned by law and jurisprudence and has worked for over 18 years.

UBFHAI does not collect dues from homeowners (their local associations do) and expenses for maintenance and operations are derived from fees from stickers for residents and non-residents, zoning and other fees approved by the board of directors. Local associations get a rebate of 50% from resident stickers issued within their enclaves as the mother associationís support to its internal expenses.

The unique system of administration evolved from the fact of the size of the subdivision itself, where services could not be effectively delivered by a single association and is recognized by the HLURB.