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Welcome to United BF Homeowners Association, Inc. Each homeowner is involved in the Association in some manner. Involvement for you may only be that you pay your assessments on time and comply with the governing legal documents, or you may wish to take a more active role and serve on the board or on a committee. The following are items we feel you should know about your Homeowners Association:

What is a Homeowners Association? It is a non-profit corporation, chartered under the laws of the Philippines. Membership is mandatory under Sec. 30, PD 957, the Subdivision and Condominium Buyers Protective Decree, which governs private subdivisions in the Philippines. Each lot/homeowner automatically becomes a member of the Association upon acquiring a home or a plot of land in the subdivision. The Association is governed by the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) and operated according to the By-Laws of the corporation. Every homeowner should read the documents. If you did not receive a copy of these documents from your title company at closing, please contact the Zoning Committee at 807-3115 to request a copy.

The Major Responsibility of the Association - Protection of Homeowners investments, enhance the values of their properties by providing physical maintenance and operations of shared properties (roads, open spaces, facilities, pool, etc.), Common services (security guards, maintenance, administrative staff, insurance, etc.), Enforcement of deed restrictions, collection of assessments, social and recreational programs, and lowering costs of operations budgets, etc.

Assessments/Dues - Are per month on each home from the owner and are collected and paid to his local association, which takes care of the internal services for the said association. In most associations, the dues are payable monthly within the first five days of each month. Payment must be received no later than January 30th of that year. Under title restrictions unpaid dues bear interest from the due date at the rate of 6% per annum, both the payment of which, are legally enforceable. The local Association may bring an action at law against the owner(s) personally obligated to pay the same, and/or place a lien against the property, for unpaid assessments.

A unique system of administration recognized by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, is in place in BF Homes. Local Associations provide for their internal security, sanitation and other internal concerns, while UBFHAI provides for external security, the perimeters, main roads, enforces the internal zoning guidelines within the 765 ha. Subdivision, maintains the roads and open spaces, emergency medical services and other common concerns. One without the other is not complete.

What the Assessment Covers Security services, maintenance, administrative expenses, Swimming pool maintenance, chemicals, repairs, water and lights; Playground maintenance/repairs; Taxes, landscaping, insurance, legal services, newsletter, water/sewer (for common areas), committee funds, postage, copies, and pest control. The list goes on and on.

The local associations and/or UBFHAI can also make special assessments on members as the need arises. This is likewise sanctioned by the law and title restrictions.

Zoning Committee - Provides and maintains uniformity and harmony in construction of improvements to the homes in the subdivision. In time, you may want to make certain improvements to your home and property. In order to maintain the classification of the subdivision, protect the investment of all the homeowners and to keep the subdivision a pleasant neighborhood in which to live, we call your attention the fact that any changes other than landscaping made to the exterior of your property must be approved by the architectural control committee. Should you need architectural approval you may contact the Zoning Committee at 807-3115 to supply the necessary form.

Deed Restrictions - All lots must be maintained in sanitary, healthful, and attractive manner by the owners or their occupants. Weeds and grass must be cut and lawns edged. Lots will not be used to store materials and/or equipment, other than normal conditions governed by the Deed Restrictions. No boats, trailers, motor homes, or commercial vehicles may be stored in public view. Antennas and pets - see Deed Restrictions for conditions which may prevail, or call the Zoning Committee at 807-3115 for more information.

Pool  and Park at Pilar Banzon St. are open the whole year. The Park has a kiosk, comfort rooms, volleyball court and place for senior citizens. Come out and enjoy it!