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Parañaque Mayor Bernabe Opens BF Homes to all!

BF Gates Controversy
(An Open Letter To Mayor Jun Bernabe)

Since 1991 when I first became your President, the developer BF Homes Inc. (BFHI) stopped subsidizing our security guard to man our gates.

We had no choice but to protect and secure our very existence in this subdivision, this being private. Many of us banded themselves together, many fenced themselves in their own neighborhoods we now call enclaves - from one enclave there are now 72 enclaves.

The collection of fees for our subdivision maintenance and other expenses was, therefore, necessary for us to exist. Government never helped us with this. Neither have we received anything in return on the Real Estate taxes that we paid to the City of Parañaque, this is authorized under PD 957 of the subdivision act.

In 1997, certain young, bright and enterprising City Officials converted the status of our Aguirre and El Grande from R1 to C1 and C2, meaning from residential to commercial status (one lot deep), but not our roads because these were never turned over to the government: meaning our roads are still private.

For our roads to be confiscated by the Local Government it must first pass thru appropriation proceedings because the City has to compensate us to make our roads public.

It comes, therefore, as a big surprise, why so suddenly after many years that Mayor Bernabe cared for us, when Ordinance No. 00-15 was passed in 2000. He was the Vice-Mayor and presiding officer at that time.

In paragraph 4 of his statement, where he claims that I lied regarding the standing injunction up to this time, please find attached order of the court dated August 31, 2005. The same Judge clarified his Order, saying that the injunction still DOES EXIST. (who is now lying Mayor Bernabe?)

On the contrary Judge Lerma clarified that there was no finality of judgment, therefore the injunctions do exist (I think our Mayor should send his lawyers back to school).

Paragraph 6. I did not turn over our gates. You personally took by force and with a platoon of SWAT armed to the teeth and couple of station policemen (what can our security guards do?)

Paragraph 7. Closing of our Elizalde gate. That was closed for a reason; do you think I will allow our security to be compromised? The real reason for the heavy traffic is the influx of other vehicles coming from all places without control. And you are blaming us for the consequence of your erroneous judgment?

Paragraph 8. All of us have apprehensions as to our security and safety because we know for sure that we cannot rely and trust you and your policemen and Barangay tanods to satisfy our needs. No way, Mr. Mayor! Marami kang gulo na dapat ayusin, bakit itong maayos naman ang gusto mong guluhin?

Paragraph 9. Please understand that your action is illegal, full of lies and deception. Why?

1. we have a standing injunction and you violated it.
2. you are trespassing our territory which is private
3. no amount of ordinance can change our status, unless you appropriate the roads we bought, which is subject to appropriation proceedings
4. you broke all the conditions in your Ordinance no. 00-15

Your irresponsible action against us will never be forgotten by our homeowners.

We do not need your Barangay tanods to protect us.

We do not need your policemen to protect us.

Neither do we need your traffic enforcers to meddle in our business. We have been doing alright until you barged in and destroyed our serenity.

This is in response to the good mayors’ statement which is full of lies and deceit. Here are some questions for the Mayor:

1. What is your business meddling in our affairs in collecting our fees? Did you see potential in our earnings? Hindi pa ba kayo happy sa mga collections ninyo from Baclaran?

2. Is the handful of businessmen’s’ contributions you are favoring against 10,000 homeowners worth the trouble of our suffering?

You do not owe us anything because our homeowners are not supporting you on this move. We supported your election, yes, believing that you were mature and responsible. You failed our expectations.

Never again, Mr. Mayor.

Very truly yours,

President, 1 September 2005


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