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Mayor Bernabe Issues City Hall Stickers to BF Homes Residents.

By now, many of you may have noticed the misleading announcement by the (sic) Paranaque City government regarding our stickers.

Please be advised that UBFHAI has nothing to do with those streamers. UBFHAI 2006 stickers continue to be available at the UBFHAI Clubhouse, #37 Pilar Banzon St. and are valid until 31 December 2006.

They are very valuable as identification for our homeowners who go in and out of our satellite villages, but more importantly when they exit and re-enter through our Tirona Gate at Alabang Hills. Remember that UBFHAI carefully checks and encodes the particulars of all vehicles which are issued our stickers.

You are therefore advised to ignore the pronouncements made by irresponsible persons, and secure your stickers as usual. Such statements by them are only meant to discourage people from securing stickers, in order to strangle UBFHAI financially.

It is easy to see through the shallowness of the announcement. If the general motoring public is allowed to enter even without stickers, how can the city government not honor UBFHAI’s 2006 stickers? We have the right to put any sticker on our cars without interference from anybody.

The actuations of the city government are bizarre:

  • First, the mayor opened our roads ostensibly in aid of commercialization, and to help solve (sic) Paranaque’s traffic problems. Hurriedly, he enforced the ordinance without any Implementing Rules and Regulations as require by law.
  • Second, the same ordinance states that BF homeowners shall be consulted as to the time the roads shall be opened to the public, as well as the days, excepting Sundays and holidays. Well, UBFHAI’s homeowners have NOT BEEN CONSULTED in any way, yet the roads have remained open 24/7!
  • Further, we checked, but there is no NO REFERENCE whatsoever to UBFHAI stickers, or the validity thereof in the city ordinance. Is the city government playing mind games with us? There is a serious lack of logic, and IT ASTOUNDS THE EDUCATED MIND.

Two conclusions – either they want to discourage the purchase of UBFHAI stickers, and/or they want to sell their own stickers, in which case IT IS GRAFT.

Let us continue buying the 2006 UBFHAI stickers. They are a source of genuine identification in our village, our enclaves, and the Tirona gate. It is an appreciable sign of support for your mother association. As for the city government’s stickers, LET’S DISREGARD THEM. They have no added value.

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