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Richard A. Capili Killing

WE, the officers and members of the Board of Directors of UBFHAI CONDEMN IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS the latest act of violence committed against a young and innocent member of our community.

The victim, 19 year-old Richard Ramil A. Capili, a third year nursing intern at Southville International School, was gunned down when he resisted a carnapping attempt, and pronounced dead on arrival. He was one of our own, a resident of NSHA.

Our worst fears have come true. A young man lost his life in defense of his property. His death was violent and senseless, a direct consequence of apathetic policy of mayor Jun Bernabe.

WE STRONGLY PROTEST the unprecedented level of criminality in our neighbourhood. The frequency of crimes against property and against persons within and immediately around our village has continued to spiral beyond even our worst fears. Our residents and homeowners are now one in saying, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

This is not the first incident in our village since we lost control of our gates. It certainly will not be the last, for as long as our gates remain open to outsider traffic - traffic that includes commuters, short-cutting motorists, carjackers, carnappers and even prowlers, thieves, rapists, and all sorts of criminals.

We deplore the inability and inadequacy of the Paranaque City government to provide us with security AFTER he opened our gates against our collective will.

Protect yourselves. Be vigilant. The police that Mayor Jun Bernabe of Paranaque promised when he assured us of continued security are incapable of doing that for us. It reportedly took the police all of 45 minutes to arrive at the crime scene near Tropical Hut Supermarket at President’s Avenue, a mere block away from their station!

COMPLAIN TO THE MAYOR thru e-mail, at, and give it to him straight. COMPLAIN to the mayor about our deplorable peace and order, our god-awful traffic conditions. Let us all DEMAND the return of gates, so we can restore and secure our privacy and security.

As for the mayor of Las Pinas, we appeal, please do not wait for similar incidents to occur. Spare our homeowners the needless worry. Give us back our gates. Because if something like this happens because of the continued opening of our Las Pinas , gates, no amount of sanitizing in the press shall wash the stain of culpability off your hands. It bothers us deeply that the suspects in the Capili case (apprehended or killed) were allegedly residents of Las Pinas.

If we don’t stand up for our rights and speak out to save face and avoid confrontation, then young Richard’s death will have truly, sadly been a waste.

Celso L. Reyes




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